Packaging   is an essential part of our process. Our company   uses only the best packaging materials in order   to assure safety and quality of rice.

Starting from the time when rice is processed and   packed, it goes through several stages of the supply   chain. After being packed, rice is generally stored   in our warehouse, shortly before it is loaded into   containers (20 ft) which are hauled by trucks to   the sea port from where they are carried by ship   to their respective port of destination.
Even after being delivered to the respective client,   it usually takes a day or two before the rice can   be cleared through customs. Typically, the goods   are then stored in warehouses before being delivered   to distributors, wholesalers, retailers and/or the   final consumer.
Due to the fact that these goods go through so many   points of transit before reaching the final consumer,   it is extremely important for us to use only the   highest quality of material to assure food safety,   durability and tamper proofing, in order to assure   long-term storage (if necessary) and prevent damage   to the quality of rice and risk of health hazards.
We have all kinds of materials available for packaging   of rice so that we can best serve the needs of our   clients. Rice is packed and delivered in packaging   materials listed below, unless specified otherwise   by the buyer:

Jute       Bags
Cotton       Bags
Polypropylene       (PP) Bags
Paper       Bags
Plastic       Bags
Plastic       Jars
Cardboard       Boxes
**Other       Please Specify


We also use a mix   of materials depending on the buyer’s specifications.   For instance, packaging of inner transparent PP   and outer jute bag is commonly used in Kuwait, while   buyers in Qatar and the UAE prefer an inner cotton   and outer transparent PP bag. 

Consumer Packing: Varies between 1kg to 10kg Bags (2lbs to 20lbs)
Bulk Packing: Varies between 20kg to 100kg (40lbs to 200lbs)
Master Packing: Several small bags are packed into one large master bag (for e.g. 4x5kg bags packed into one master bagof 20kg)

You can contact   us if you are looking for a specific packaging material   not listed above, we would be glad to assist you!