Processing and milling of rice is the core operation of our organizational structure. The purchase department at Agri Rice is responsible for procuring all kinds (parboiled, brown, unpolished white rice) of ‘rough rice’ rice from all over the country, which is then processed, packed and stored at our state-of-the-art milling facility located in the industrial are of Karachi.
Rough rice has to pass through several stages of processing before it is transformed into ‘ready rice’, after which it is left free from husk, layers of bran, stones, gravel and any other impurities, making it fit for human consumption:

Once the paddy/rice passes the initial quality analysis, the paddy is sent for drying while the rice is stored in preparation for processing.

The second stage is a two-step process that used both mechanical and density separation techniques to produce clean paddy/rice.

The shellers remove the outer hull layer from the rice kernel using counter rotation rubber rollers. The hulls and unshelled paddy/rice are then eliminated using both air separation and mechanical equipment, resulting in pure brown rice.

Further milling is conducted in order to turn brown rice into white rice. The milling or whitening stage of processing removes the bran layer from the rice kernel.  

Modern multi-break vertical whiteners use both abrasion and friction to gently and efficiently convert brown rice into hard milled white kernels.

Rice is then passed through de-stoning and cleaning machines to rid the rice from stones, gravel and any other foreign matter.

In the final stages of processing, rice is passed through silky polishing machines that transform the rice into shining white kernels which gives the rice an attractive look and most importantly, ideal for optimal cooking results.

Finally, modern optical color sorting machines ensures that any kind of damaged rice is left out, leaving behind only the whitest and cleanest kernels ready for packing.

Agri Rice Mills can produce up to 6 metric tons per hour of ready rice on average, depending on the variety of rice and inclusion of broken kernels (1%, 5%, 25% etc).