Agri Rice Mills has a modern storage which is fully equipped to meet international food safety standards and regulations.
Since we are traders of rice, the need to store ready rice for more than a weak rarely arises, subject to our inventory movement. However, the supervising staff at the facility strictly practices the following procedures to prevent damage and loss of quality whilst the rice is in storage:

  • To keep rice below the moisture level that correlates to a 65 percent equilibrium relative humidity to minimize growth of mold, yeast and bacteria.

  • Maintain rice temperatures between 12 - 16C of the average air temperature at all times.

  • Operate effective air circulation in the storage facility to ensure uniformity in moisture and temperature of rice.

  • To store only ready rice that has been through all the processing stages and clean from dust and any other foreign matter. 

Our storage facility has two units; one for storing rough rice and the other to store ready rice. Our rough rice unit can hold up to 1400 metric tons of rice, while our ready rice unit can hold up to 800 metric tons of rice at any given time.